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About Us

Did you know that 1 in 5 Berkeley residents are not able to put enough food on their tables to live healthy, hunger-free lives?

The Berkeley Food Network was founded in December 2016 with the straightforward goal of ending hunger in Berkeley. And while our goal may be straightforward, the path to reaching it is not. We have created an innovative mix of community-centered and collaborative programs to get food to the people in Berkeley who need it.


Meet the team

Sara Webber

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Holden Bussey

Director of Operations

Grace Liao

Food Recovery Manager

Tami Stewart

Volunteer Coordinator

Evan Hazelett

Interim Food Pantry Manager

Marla DeKlotz

Hub Kitchen Manager

Ashley Njoroge

Communications Manager

Our Board

Deb Lewis

Board Officer, Chair

Dona Boatright

Co-Founder and Board Officer, Vice-Chair

Susan Choy

Board Officer, Treasurer

Susan Miller Davis

Board Officer, Secretary

Chuck Fanning

Co-Founder and Board Member

Kate Campbell King

Co-Founder and Board Member

Allen Carr

Board Member

Patrice Ignelzi

Board Member

Bob Whalen

Board Member