Membership in the Berkeley Food Network is open to agencies and individuals in Berkeley and Alameda County, CA that: Provide emergency groceries, meals, or prepared foods to the food insecure in Berkeley. Provide non-food services for those in Berkeley who are food insecure. Support the above agencies with resources or through research and policy-level work.

Leadership for collaboration among all member agencies. Network-level services such as our upcoming food distribution hub and mobile pantry. Trainings on useful topics such as de-escalation of mental health crises and difficult behaviors; helping clients know their rights; nutrition; safe food handling, and more. Research findings on such topics as the need for food in Berkeley, best practices for managing food insecurity, and expanding capacity Advocacy on city, county, and state-level issues that effect member agency clients. Connections to other people and agencies committed to ending food insecurity.

Please click here for a directory of current Berkeley Food Network members.