Why We Oppose the House Ag Committee Chairman’s 2018 Farm Bill

Thanks to Stephen Knight, Director of Policy at the Alameda County Community Food Bank, for this clear synopsis of the proposed Farm Bill’s cuts to SNAP (or food stamps, and … read more

Meet the Dynamic Duo – Jocelyn Foreman and Kristin Weinberger

Jocelyn Foreman, BUSD’s Site Coordinator for Family Engagement and Equity at Malcolm X and John Muir Schools in Berkeley, and Kristin Weinberger of the John Muir School PTA, make a … read more

Roles and next steps determined

After a successful convening of local agencies, the Berkeley Food Network team has determined the next steps and roles. Next steps include creating a formal membership structure, the initiation of… read more

Andy Olson – Making Local and Organic Accessible to Everyone

When Berkeley Food Network member Anders Olson graduated from UC Berkeley in 2010 in the midst of an economic slump, he thought long and hard about how his work in … read more

First Training Sessions Announced

Berkeley Food Network is pleased to announce announce its first training topics. Trainings are scheduled for June 26 and July 13. July 13 | 3 – 5 p.m. Help Your Clients … read more

Berkeley Food Network Convenes Local Agencies for first meeting

In March Berkeley Food Network convened a gathering of individuals and agencies that are addressing food security in Berkeley. The meeting explored ways to coordinate and build on the work… read more